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      • Vegan, not tested in animals.
      • Slow Cosmetics.
      • Dye Free, Paraben Free, Silicone Free, Sulfate Free, SLMI Free.
      • Compostable packaging.


      Great option for those looking for a natural, effective and eco-friendly hair care product. Zero waste cosmetics will help you considerably reduce plastic at home.

      Formulated with shea butter, castor oil, pink clay, and ylang ylang essential oil. Created with the best ingredients for perfect washing and hydration, it is therefore ideal for giving essential care to dry and damaged hair. Shea butter and castor oil hydrate hair, restoring its elasticity, without weighing it down.

      Shampoo formulated with gentle, natural ingredients that effectively cleanse and nourish hair. Instead of sulfates, these shampoo bars may use gentle surfactants derived from plants, such as sodium cocoyl isethionate, to create a lather. 

      Ideal for taking for travel, since it is allowed to be carried in the cabin baggage.

      Handcrafted in Lisbon, Portugal. Its packaging is minimalist and recyclable, which saves resources and contributes to your ecological transition by reducing plastic in your bathroom.


      YLANG YLANG & SHEA BUTTER SHAMPOO BAR is formulated with shea butter, castor oil, pink clay, and ylang ylang essential oil.

      - Shea butter: hydrate hair, restoring its elasticity, without weighing it down.

      - Castor oil: it is perfect to add shine while gently pulling away toxins from the scalp. It also smooths the cuticle layer, sealing in moisture and leaving hair feeling soft and silky.

      - Pink Clay: very mild, perfect for normal or dry hair. It's a mix of white kaolin clay and red clay.

      - Ylang Ylang essential oil: provides hydration to dry hair.

      INCI: sodium cocoyl isethionate, coco betaine, butyrospermum parkii, aqua, kaolin, illite, ricinus communis, prunus amygdalus dulcis, cananga odorata.


      To use a shampoo bar, simply wet your hair and the bar, and then rub the bar over your scalp and hair until it lathers. Massage the scalp with circular movements so that the shampoo foams, leave for 1-2 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with clear water.

      Conditioner bars don’t create foam. Apply directly on to your hair or rub in hands & apply on hair over the lengths, from middle to the ends of your hair, leave for up to 1 to 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with clear water.

      Use it, drain it, dry it. To keep the bars dry, after use, keep them on a soap holder so they can rinse, ideally away from the stream shower. The drier the bars are, the longer they’ll last.

      Needs no transition, but it is recommended to use for at least 2-3 washes to get hair rid of sulphates of liquid industrial shampoos & conditioners.

      Measurements and weight

      70g shampoo bar provides around 2 -3 months' worth of washing.

      About the Brand

      OLITA is a small brand with zero waste vegan cosmetic products. OLITA offers you a simple line of products, for different types of hair & skin, produced 100% out of plants. Their products are formulated with few quality ingredients, natural, effective & vegan. Handmade in Lisbon, Portugal.

      With their motto 'Plant a Habit' they want to encourage you to start by the small things. Buy less and better, and experience the change you want to become.