WE SOURCE meaningful, functional and timeless designs for everyday life. From small sustainable brands to you. We carefully select happy and vibrant objects that will transform your simple routines into meaningful moments.

WE BELIEVE that life is beautiful, we encourage you to live it fully every day. Gift yourself with time to take care of you, to play, to relax, to discover, to enjoy. Because self-care is a priority, a necessity, a lifestyle.


Sustainably handcrafted

All the brands in this store handcraft their goods respecting mother nature. They have considered all the stages of the product's life cycle, upcycling materials to produce them when possible, and consciously designing their packaging to reduce the impact on the environment.

Timeless and functional designs

We believe in a slow and minimal way of living. We encourage the choice of meaningful & 'designed to last' goods versus cheap and renewable ones.

Organic & vegan certified

Most of our solid cosmetics are 'Vegan', 'Cosmos Organic' and 'Slow Cosmétique' Certified.

Fair trade

We value manufacturer's selection of quality raw materials and their ethical elaboration processes. Based on their production costs (plus communication, operational costs & benefits), prices in this store respond to their choices and the value of every person involved in the act of bringing CEDRO's goods closer to you.

Plastic free

We have carefully selected goods produced with noble & sustainable raw materials such as ceramic, wood, fabric, cardboard & paper. Our store is 100% plastic free.

Compostable packaging

All of our goods packagings are fully compostable. Plus, our parcels are dispatched in 70% to 100% recycled cardboard boxes or upcycled packages.

Green web

Our site is hosted on the servers of Infomaniak, a Swiss company that offers sustainable, social and local web solutions. This ecological host is supplied only with certified electricity from renewable sources.