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A 500-piece puzzle with one of nature’s most challenging motifs: the ever-changing beauty of the sky. Slow down and get comfortable on your sofa while looking at the colorful phenomena of the sky when the sun starts to rise.


Certification FSC, acid free 30% paper, 70% gray board.


Measurements and weight

Length 25 cm | Width 19 cm | Height 3.5 cm
Weight 500 g

About the Brand

PRINTWORKS was founded in Sweden, with the simple ambition of creating functional everyday products with a new aesthetic twist to make them better suited for our modern life.

In the digital life that we live in, we think it's good to take the time to log out from our connected devices, and go back to a more old-school way of spending time with each other. The purpose is to bring people together!— the way we once used to. Feel the nostalgia of solving a puzzle together with your partner, play a classic board game with your kids or gather around one of our popular culture memory games as an after-dinner activity with friends.

PRINTWORKS has successfully made the packaging an integral part of the product that can be used as an interior design decoration, therefore reducing waste.

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