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Champis are plant watering reservoirs. A timeless & functional design that will bring joy and independence to your everyday life. Unconditional love for your plants, home and environment! 

Handmade in Spain and eco-friendly. These natural terracotta clay pot water reservoirs are the perfect solution for your plants. Once tucked in soil, it solely supplies what plants need.

When you leave on holidays for a few days or if you keep forgetting to water your plants, this is the perfect solution! A fantastic experience that will also beautify the interior of your home.

Unlike mass producers’ techniques, the manufacturing of our Champis aligns with the tradition of hand-crafted quality: an ancestral and eco-friendly watering technique. They naturally and effortlessly adapt to your pots.

 FOR MEDIUM PLANTS: autonomy 3 to 6 days.




Measurements and weight

10x14 cm | Weight 150 g

Capacity: 17 cl. | Plant size: medium. Autonomy: 3 to 5 days.

About the Brand

Aleida & Herman created LE VIVANT, a mother nature committed company to beautify your everyday life & homes, with love, aesthetics and elegance.

They collaborate exclusively with passionate craftsmen who sculpt the material by hand, offering a unique character to each creation. Their limited productions create objects as pure and natural as your plants. Their creations are 100% recyclable and plastic free.

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