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Champis are plant watering reservoirs. A timeless & functional design that will bring joy and independence to your everyday life. Unconditional love for your plants, home and environment! 

Handmade in Spain and eco-friendly. These natural terracotta clay pot water reservoirs are the perfect solution for your plants. Once tucked in soil, it solely supplies what plants need.

When you leave on holidays or if you keep forgetting to water your plants, this is the perfect solution! A fantastic experience that will also beautify the interior of your home.

Unlike mass producers’ techniques, the manufacturing of our Champis aligns with the tradition of hand-crafted quality: an ancestral and eco-friendly watering technique. They naturally and effortlessly adapt to your pots.

  FOR BIG-SIZED PLANTS: autonomy 6 to 8 days.




Measurements and weight

13×18 cm | Weight 300 g

Capacity: 50 cl | Plant size: big. Autonomy: 6 to 8 days, depending on the plant.

About the Brand

Aleida & Herman created LE VIVANT, a mother nature committed company to beautify your everyday life & homes, with love, aesthetics and elegance.

They collaborate exclusively with passionate craftsmen who sculpt the material by hand, offering a unique character to each creation. Their limited productions create objects as pure and natural as your plants. Their creations are 100% recyclable and plastic free.

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