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About this experience

In the session we are going to examine the energy of the astrological year that goes from your last birthday to the next. Here we analyze the birth chart in motion.

This map is not static, the universe is constantly touching points on your birth chart. Sometimes there are challenges, sometimes opportunities, the interesting thing about this is to recognize the energetic cycle that you are going through. Here I do not seek to predict, always free will.

Lucia from Expedición Pelpa

Lucía has been doing natal chart readings since the end of 2018. Born in a full moon eclipse, the sun in capricorn, the moon in cancer and the ascendant in gemini. She had always been passionate about astrology. Knowing her own natal chart helped her expand her perspective on the world and on herself. Since then, she can't help studying the sky and its mysterious language.




Spanish | English


75' session